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The Ins And Outs of How We Work

  • How Does It Work?
    You send us your website and social pages. We create customized branded content for you, depending on the package you choose. You get to approve the content before it's distributed. We schedule and deploy all the content on your pages each week Mon-Fri. You get to review and approve content prior.
  • Can I Review the Posts Before They Are Posted?
    Yes, you get to review and approve them weekly. Once approved by you, we continue to create them weekly based on the same feedback. If you don't like a post, it can be addressed, edited or removed.
  • Do You Need My Logins?
    Yes. We will need admin rights to facebook and logins for Instagram, twitter and LinkedIn. Blog posts will be posted directly to your site, so we will need your site's login. Same goes for email campaigns, newsletters and SEO.
  • How Do We Start?
    Submit the Submission form on our site so we can review your company and services. We will send you an invite for a 15 min kick-off call.
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