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The Rise of Virtualization

Before COVID19, research showed that by 2027 over 50% of the workforce will be virtual. Post COVID19, we would estimate the percentages went up drastically, and fast.

Everyone works from home

Lawyers, doctors, coaches, consultants, yoga instructors and even plumbers! have all moved to virtual operations. When you can't meet and gather in real life, online is the only way to connect.

Moving all appointments to video conferencing is the immediate solution. Utilizing zoom and Google meet are the common platforms. But featuring a link on your site for a virtual appointment is not enough. You must go out, buzz online and find your bees.

That's what we're here for!

Creating engaging posts

When we create your posts we:

  • Craft copy and content that attracts your people to your page and your website

  • optimize hashtags that are popular and trending in your industry

  • Create urgency and call-to-action driving calls, emails and leads

  • Engage through visually attractive graphics that are unique to your look and feel

We customize the posts not only to your industry - but to your individual brand, voice, look and feel, so when people visit your page, they get to know YOU and what you offer.

Online buzz

Generating buzz online is our thing! Creating real conversations around you, your company, services and brand. Growing your community organically with real people who are truly interested in what you do and offer. We like to think of ourselves as the busy bees who work hard for you to gather your honey...and you know what rhymes with that :)

Let us show you how! reach out to us today.

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